Top Benefits of Investing in Real Estate

Especially with HomeVestors

Invest in Your Business, Your Community, and Your Future

Thinking about investing in real estate? Maybe you’re trying to earn some extra cash on the side to save up for retirement, or you’re hoping to leave your 9-5 office job and become a full-time real estate investor. Whatever your goals and motivations, the benefits of investing in real estate are numerous.

Build Your Own Business

Aren’t you sick of working so hard every day just to make someone else a bunch of money? As a real estate investor, you can build your own business and reap the rewards of your own hard work. Even better, you can join the HomeVestors® network as an independently owned and operated franchise to get the best of both worlds. HomeVestors independent franchises get access to the nationally-known We Buy Ugly Houses® marketing campaign, plus the some of the best real estate investing tools, software, and mentorship in the industry. You get to keep your entity name and your independence, without needing to start your business from scratch or go through the challenges of real estate investing alone.

Improve Your Community

A neighborhood full of distressed, vacant, and run-down properties isn’t an attractive prospect to potential new residents or new businesses who may otherwise help to revitalize the community. By purchasing, renovating, and flipping distressed homes, you’re improving your community one property at a time, making it more appealing to both residents and other investors. Plus, you’ll be providing quality housing to families, increasing your city’s property tax revenues, and boosting the local economy overall. The best part is, by improving your community, you’re also improving the local real estate market, ensuring your investments will appreciate and you’ll have more work in the future.

Invest in Your Future

Speaking of the future, are you prepared for retirement? Do you have enough money saved to pay for your children’s college? Do you want to be able to travel in your golden years and see the world? One of the top benefits of investing in real estate is that it allows you to save for the future. Unlike most office jobs, where your earning potential is limited to a salary or small commission, your potential cash flow from real estate investing is essentially unlimited if you work hard and make smart choices. And as a HomeVestors® independent franchisee, you’ll work one-on-one with a real estate investing Development Agent as a mentor to help you start your business, choose the right investments, and make the best deals.

Corporate Refugees

If you’re a corporate refugee on the run from a desk job, you’ll likely be looking to have primary control over your next venture, and we can’t say we’d blame you. There’s a lot of value and meaning in standing at the helm of your own company. If you’re thinking about joining the HomeVestors franchise network, here’s what we can offer you:

  • Freedom to build out your own entrepreneurial vision
  • Access to real estate methodology that’s proven to be successful
  • A supportive real estate framework from which to build our your own business, and the active mentorship of Development Agents who have been in your shoes

If it’s time for a new career and you aren’t sure where to start, read two stories from  Mike Falotico and Matt Malott about how they set out on new paths and didn’t look back.

Experienced Real Estate Investors

If you’re a real estate investor who already has experience in the field, you’re probably on the constant lookout for ways that you can grow your business and deepen your market expertise. Becoming a HomeVestors® franchisee is an excellent way to do that. Through HomeVestors, you’ll have access to:

  • Strong advertising that consistently generates leads
  • A wealth of real estate knowledge to add to your repertoire
  • An affiliation with a successful, recognizable brand

Read Cody Evans’ story to see how he breathed new life into his long-time passion for real estate.

Unlock the Top Benefits of Investing in Real Estate by Joining HomeVestors®

Investing in real estate for the first time can be scary, especially if you’ve never run your own business or risked your own capital on a deal before. That’s why HomeVestors offers new franchisees some of the best mentorship, tools, and support in the industry, so you can gain the confidence you need to invest in your business, your community, and your future.

To learn more about how HomeVestors® can help you unlock the top benefits of investing in real estate, contact us today!


Each franchise office is independently owned and operated. 

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