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The Benefits of Wholetailing

Rich v. Wealthy

The Life Cycle of a Real Estate Investor

Real Estate Investing: What’s the Big Deal

Your Biggest Opponent

Should You Quit Your ‘Day Job’?

Big Goals = Big Results

Connecting With the Seller

Access to Knowledge

Mantras for Success

You Got the Contract…Now What?

Always Bring Your ‘A’ Game

The Life of the Lead

The Biggest Mistake I Ever Made

Understanding Your Numbers

Real Estate Investing Business—Not a Hobby

What’s Your ‘Why?’

Being Prepared for UGLY

Money Management

Back to the Basics—Flipping Houses

Be Careful of the Pitfalls

Establishing a Network

The Importance of Consistent Follow-up

Diversifying Your Rental Portfolio

It’s a Numbers Game But…

Scaling Your Business

It’s Not About the House, It’s About the Seller

Longevity and Happiness in Your HomeVestors® Career

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