The Best Real Estate Investing YouTube Channels: An Honest Guide On What You Get

Real estate videos on YouTube have been around almost as long as YouTube itself. From the beginning, professionals started uploading videos explaining the business and doing some self-promotion. It might surprise some of my younger colleagues that I put up a few videos as early as 2006, as a way to use my experience to train people new to the field.

These weren’t very good videos—it was mostly my face looking into a camera. Back then, we didn’t have the easy-to-use technology that lets even amateurs create sophisticated productions. We didn’t know how to directly monetize the medium if we even considered it at all. And we didn’t have complex YouTube channels as part of our brand.

That’s changed. The best real estate investing YouTube channels are large-scale, professional operations that are part of a branding and marketing operation. These can be helpful, interesting, insightful, and also incomplete.

I like some of these channels quite a bit but also understand their limitations and problems. If you are starting out in real estate investing, or looking to take your business to the next level, these videos seem helpful and are good places to start. But, there are better, more sustainable ways to get knowledge and assistance in your business.

(Oh, and before you ask: my videos have long since been taken down, thankfully. My kids were very happy with that decision…)

What Makes the Best Real Estate Investing YouTube Channels

It’s hard to say how many real estate investing YouTube channels there are—thousands and thousands can be found, with almost endless numbers of one-off videos. Some are dormant, some are active. Some come up to the top; some are buried by the algorithm. Some are great and some make used car commercials from the ‘80s look like Kubrick.

So, what makes for a good YouTube channel? There are a few things that I look for.

Frequently Updated Content

Imagine visiting a real estate investing channel whose last video was uploaded on March 12th, 2020. You’d probably be a little worried that the information might not contain all the relevant facts about today’s market. Even beyond the immensity of the pandemic, things change very quickly in this business. Updated content is current content.

Someone who updates a lot is concerned with keeping you apprised of what is happening and, at the very least, is interacting with to-the-moment conditions, not just trying to push a promotion or a theory. This approach ties into the next thing you should be looking out for.

Less Pushy Monetization

When I first produced some YouTube videos a decade or more ago, I had vague ideas that if it was popular I’d be able to expand my business—it could help with leads or something. Mostly though, I was just excited to try out a new medium.

Now, however, the people with the most popular YouTube channels are as much gurus and brands as they are practicing real estate agents. They all have books to sell, ideas to push, conferences to promote, sponsors to please, etc. Their aim is to increase engagement to amplify their ideas and the monetization of the site itself.

There’s nothing wrong with this; we’re all in this business to make money. But, some of these vloggers on YouTube can be really pushy about it. The point seems to be to steer you to open your wallet, not expand your own bank account. The best ones do their promoting, but less overtly, and focus more on educating you.

Practical Investing Advice

“TURN $1000 INTO $1,000,000 IN A MONTH! RETIRE NEXT WEEK!” You see these kinds of videos everywhere. “I was in debt at a dead-end job when I started investing. Within a year I owned the Denver Broncos!” Avoid these kinds of videos. 

I’m not saying it is impossible to get rich quickly, but it shouldn’t be a goal. This business is about continual growth through mitigating risk and maximizing opportunity. The best real estate investing YouTube channels recognize this reality and help you with practical, real-world advice. The get-rich-quick guys only care about getting richer themselves by pushing nonsense. 

Change the channel. 

So now that you know what to look for, what channels should you watch?

Five of the Best Real Estate Investing YouTube Channels

Here are five YouTube channels that I think do a good job relative to the medium.


Joshua Dorkin is a success story both in investing and on the internet. He had an early real estate investing site, and now has one of the most popular YouTube channels for investors. With over 600,000 subscribers, Dorkin is arguably the most prominent voice in the business.

The Bigger Pockets YouTube channel is updated frequently with thorough videos. These are usually practical and level-headed, offering concrete advice that you can use quickly.

I also like that the channel is broken up into sections, like “Tips and Advice,” “Rental to Wealth,” and even “Success Stories” so you can easily find what you are looking for.

Josh has a big personality and gives off some “guru” energy which may or may not be appealing to you. There is a bit much in the “get rich quick” department here, for my liking. Josh has his methods and wants you to see how you can get to reality retirement, a message I don’t really care for, but in terms of learning how the business works, this is fairly solid.

Max Maxwell

Max Maxwell knows wholesaling real estate. He is an incredibly successful wholesaler, which is a notoriously tricky part of this business. His channel is dedicated almost exclusively to how to wholesale real estate.

One thing I like about Max’s videos is that he helps beginners who may not have a ton of money to invest in real estate.

In general, the more initial capital you have, the better your chances are to succeed in this business. This concept tends to scare off a lot of people, especially those who come from communities that have been typically underserved.

Max helps you understand that you don’t absolutely have to be wealthy to get ahead in real estate (though, obviously, the risks are higher when you have less margin for error).

The other thing I really like about Max’s videos is Max himself. He’s a charming and engaging presence who offers his advice in a low-key and very straightforward way. There isn’t constant self-hype; he’s very calm, which makes you feel pretty good about investing in real estate.

Of course, there are limitations to Max’s concepts. One key to wholesaling without losing your shirt is having buyers at the ready. Max’s videos help show you how to build a real estate network, but when you are starting from scratch, that can be a tenuous proposition. These videos are incredibly informative but the support is, by its nature, incomplete.

Loida Velasquez

Admittedly, this is a strange real estate YouTube channel for investors. Loida is a real estate agent, and her channel is geared more for agents and brokers. It’s honestly a little more glitzy and glamorous than many other real estate investing channels.

But that said, Loida provides a really valuable service. So many channels are all about finding leads, or doing repairs, or giving you advice on markets. They tell you when to sell, and why to sell, but don’t really teach you how to sell.

Loida knows how to close a deal. She’s charming and direct and is a true people person. And this is a people business at the end of the day. In investing, we sometimes have to think like an agent. Her often-uploaded channel does exactly that, and with style.

This channel has limited appeal for investors; it’s only part of the business. But, knowing how to sell real estate is a key part, and too often overlooked. I wouldn’t make this an everyday visit, but it can’t hurt.

Neva Williamson

In the first ten seconds of her “Real Estate Investing for Beginners” videos, Neva says that you have to separate your personal finances from your business finances. That’s the best way to win me over and that is what places Neva on my list of best real estate investing YouTube channels.

On her channel, Neva:

  • Is excellent at giving you practical advice so you don’t lose your shirt
  • Knows that people in the real estate business, by definition, like to take chances
  • Discusses smart chances to take and discloses the dumb ones to avoid

There are also great real estate marketing tips on her channel. Of course, marketing tips aren’t always really practical; there is still the reality of the marketplace, where your name has to be seen at the right time by the right person. That’s not easy even with all the tips in the world.

My only real complaint with Neva’s channel is that there isn’t as much new content as I’d like to see. For someone like me, who knows the business, that’s only a problem because I enjoy her thoughts and look forward to her videos, but if you are starting out, you probably want more business advice, with a speedier learning curve.

John Fedro

John’s channel focuses entirely on mobile home investing (that’s his business) but the same principles are true throughout the world of real estate. He talks about getting leads, fixing properties, and selling them. He’s made quite a living doing this and shares his secrets, tricks, and lessons with his YouTube audience.

John gives great advice on things like working with contractors and the more challenging parts of this business. People just starting out don’t always know how to hire contractors or understand how to calculate costs; these videos are excellent at helping you to grasp the market.

John is very straightforward and his YouTube videos are charmingly direct. There’s a little “guru-ness,” but he wears it lightly and even with a sense of humor. Mostly, his videos feel more like a conversation with someone who knows what they’re talking about.

Of course, you aren’t involved in a conversational exchange. You can’t really ask questions. That’s true of all of these YouTube real estate investment channels. You’re getting information, and maybe getting things to buy, but it’s a one-way monologue. When you have an issue, you just have to hope the video addresses it indirectly.

There is a way to overcome these limitations, though.

best real estate investing youtube channels will only get you so far

Going Beyond Real Estate Investing YouTube Channels

To me, the key to the real estate investment business is understanding that every deal is different. You have to be able to read the situation and adapt in real-time. That takes training and experience, but it also takes conversations with other experts. And, as an independently owned and operated HomeVestors® franchise, I get to be part of that conversation. 

A Better Way to Learn

HomeVestors® is a network with thousands of real estate pros (including people ready to buy from wholesalers). They offer training and mentoring, the keys to someone starting out in this business. It’s like being able to pick up the phone and call the person on the video…except that your mentor knows you and knows your business. And the best part? They don’t have anything to sell. 

That’s not all. As a franchisee, I benefit from HomeVestor’s national marketing campaign to get high-quality leads. Everyone knows the “We Buy Ugly Houses®” campaign, so when people are looking to sell quickly, they call HomeVestors. And I can get that lead. 

The best real estate investing YouTube channels are enjoyable, and you can learn from them, but it’s only a small part of your education and it can’t be applied to every situation. If you want the kind of knowledge and institutional support that can only come from being part of something bigger, request information about becoming a franchisee today

Who knows, this might be the first step toward your own YouTube channel. 


Each franchise office is independently owned and operated. 

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