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At HomeVestors®, the best thing about our job is helping people reach for their dreams. Our company has grown tremendously since Ken D’Angelo began franchising in 1996. Today we’re the nation’s leading home buyer with franchises operating in 46 states. In fact, we’re the only nationwide professional real estate investing franchise. And that’s got people talking.

Why do HomeVestors® franchisees leave such great “We Buy Ugly Houses®” franchise reviews? Because we offer some of the best tools, resources, and marketing in the real estate investing industry. Our methods work. We’ve helped over 1,000 franchisees accomplish their goals of becoming independently owned and operated business owners. And we can help you, too. It’s our privilege.

HomeVestors of America Franchise Reviews

Before joining us, potential franchisees want to hear from people who’ve worked with us before. The best way to show how effective our methods are is to let our franchisees talk about the results they’ve seen for themselves. That’s why we invite you to read all about us on this HomeVestors franchise review page.

Here’s what franchisees have to say in their “We Buy Ugly Houses®” franchise reviews about their experiences working with us over the years.

“I believe we’re perfectly positioned as HomeVestors® franchisees to capitalize on opportunities because we have the contacts. We have established title company relationships. We have established relationships with the municipalities. But, specifically, we have relationships with contractors—they love to work with us. They know us and we know them. That’s the bottom line.”

Sami Abdallah, Detroit Franchise Owner

Sami Abdallah, Detroit Franchise Owner

“Honestly, that’s one of the advantages of being in the HomeVestors® family—having a kind of big brother to look over you who’s as interested in your individual success as you are. In truth, you have a lot of big brothers at HomeVestors that you can lean on, learn from, and get educated by. That’s why, after talking with them, my wife and I knew that owning a franchise was right for us. It was our ticket to do this big. After all, we weren’t leaving our corporate salaries to go small.”

Eddie Gant, Texas Franchise Owner

Eddie Gant, Houston Franchise Owner

“There’s a kind of fellowship in the HomeVestors® group that you can rely on. If, for example, you really really need to call somebody, you can reach out to your Development Agent or anyone else at HomeVestors for that matter. Plus, you learn so much by going to conventions, talking to your fellow franchisees, and also stepping on a few landmines. Trust me, after you’ve been at this for a while, you’re going to have battle scars. But, HomeVestors is certainly always there to help you heal and move forward.”

Ron Sage, Tulsa Franchise Owner

Ron Sage, Tulsa Franchise Owner

“We started in the worst possible time frame and yet every single year the business has grown. This’ll be six years in a row. We’re also Development Agents, so we work with seven franchisees to help them grow their businesses, too. That’s what’s so great about this system: there are so many supports in place to help new franchisees get started. HomeVestors puts the foundation in, and then you build the rest of it.”


Mike Falotico & Matt Malott, Boston Franchise Owners
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“HomeVestors is hands-down the most instrumental thing that’s happened in our business. You’ve got to put in the work—we work 9-5 and stay late if we need to—but HomeVestors absolutely helps to set you up for success. Without them, the successes we’ve reached simply wouldn’t have been possible.”


Cody Evans, Florida and California Franchise Owner
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“This franchise is special. We hold ourselves to a very high ethical standard and we have a very supportive internal network. You don’t find that just anywhere. The fees I pay are totally overwhelmed by the benefit I get out of this system—they are far greater than the cost.

If you’re thinking about investing in a HomeVestors franchise, I’d recommend doing your homework, your due diligence, and, most importantly, making sure that you want to be an entrepreneur. These are small businesses, after all, and operating them can be challenging. But at the end of the day, HomeVestors is worth it.


John Holman, Atlanta Franchise Owner
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