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Our investors come from diverse backgrounds, but every single one made the decision to open their own independent real estate business and trusted HomeVestors® to help them get started. Some were looking to leave corporate positions and be their own bosses. Some renovated houses in their spare time and wanted to grow their knowledge and capabilities. Some had never even bought a house before. Maybe you are unsure that you will have the know-how, the leads, or the support you need to develop your own, independent businesses. When you request information to join the HomeVestors® national network, you gain access to all of those things, regardless of your prior experience, and we ensure that you are never without the tools that are necessary to help grow a professional real estate business.

Many investors with corporate backgrounds, prior real estate experience, or just the right attitude and resources have built independent home-buying businesses with us across the country. More than 1,100 businesses are now operating in 44 states. To help determine if your temperament and skills may be a good fit for owning your own independent professional home buying, repairing, and selling franchise, take a look at our personality test. If you want to learn more about our home-buying method, read our Guide to Professional Home Buying – Business Plan and ROI Advice. Or, if you’re interested in reading about other investors who have found success with the HomeVestors franchise model, you can check out their stories.

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