Top Real Estate Investing Mentors: HomeVestors® Development Agents Coach You To Achieve Your Goals

If you’ve ever played sports, you know how important a coach is for guiding you toward your goals. They help you set realistic goals, identify areas where you can grow, and celebrate your wins. A Development Agent is like a real estate investing coach who helps each HomeVestors® franchisee make confident business decisions.

Development Agents are seasoned HomeVestors® franchisees who have a proven track record in the industry. Unlike many other real estate investing mentors out there, they know that your success is their success. From day one, they are invested in helping you achieve your goals.


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A Development Agent Is Your Personal Real Estate Investing Mentor

Development Agents have helped thousands of HomeVestors® franchisees grow their professional real estate investing business. These are just a few of the areas you can rely on them for:

Skill building

From learning about the local real estate market to fine-tuning the art of selecting good comparables, you have an experienced real estate investing coach for guidance.

Communicating with home sellers

Your Development Agent can walk you through the process of handling phone calls and making appointments with home sellers in an “ugly” situation.

Closing the contract

Understanding the ins and outs of closing a deal isn’t always easy. That’s why your real estate investing mentor is only a phone call away.

Rehabbing a house

Your Development Agent is experienced in your regional market and may maintain a network of vetted contractors who can help with your project.

Getting the property sold

HomeVestors teaches a variety of exit strategies. Your real estate investing coach can help you choose one that best fits your property.

“You have a lot of big brothers at HomeVestors that you can lean on, learn from, and get educated by. That’s why, after talking with them, my wife and I knew that owning a franchise was right for us.”

Eddie Gant, Houston Franchise Owner

Reach Your Real Estate Investing Goals With More Than a Mentor

Not only are HomeVestors’ Development Agents available to support your professional real estate investing franchise, but the entire corporate office is here for you as well. You will also have access to a network of over 1100 franchisees that act as a support team.

Whether you are new to the industry or have invested in real estate before but didn’t see the results you wanted, it’s time for you to get a real estate investing mentor that has your back.

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Each franchise office is independently owned and operated.

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