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Since we opened our doors to our independently owned and operated franchises in 1996, many corporate salespeople, managers, and other professionals have come to HomeVestors looking for a better way to take control of their lives, to secure a future for their families, and to feel less like cogs in the corporate wheel. 

We said, “We’re here to help,” and then we showed them how to put their professionally-honed skills to work creating wealth for themselves—not for the boss.

But getting rid of the burdens of corporate life doesn’t mean giving up the benefits. At HomeVestors, our franchisees are plugged into support and advice from other successful franchise owners, and to a flow of leads generated by our nationally recognized “We Buy Ugly Houses®” brand.

Mike Falotico and Matt Malott left their corporate jobs for good to build wealth as HomeVestors® franchise owners. Here’s what they have to say about this choice.

Mike Falotico

Mike Falotico

I came to HomeVestors because I was looking for a lifestyle change. I’d spent 12 years in medical sales, and I’d worked my way up from entry-level sales to management to equity partner, but it all just felt like a paycheck. I knew it wasn’t going to bring in life-changing money. At the time, healthcare was going through major reform, and every time there were cuts, we felt it as a company. I was frustrated. I’d been looking ahead, thinking, What am I going to do? What am I going to do?

Through a mutual friend, I met Steve, my business partner. He was a nurse practitioner, but he bought, repaired, and sold houses on the side. After three or four months, we started looking at HomeVestors. We came into it with an entrepreneurial mindset: let’s try something different. We said we’d do it part-time for a year to test the waters, with the goal of buying four houses. Well, we blew that number right out of the water, and that was when we realized that working with HomeVestors was a real, legitimate opportunity. In our second year, we bought eight houses, but we were still doing it part-time—until the firm I was working for decided not to renew my contract. I called Steve and said, “Great news! I just got fired!”

That happened almost two years to the day after my first training with HomeVestors, and not once have I looked back. Since then, our business has grown incrementally every year. We opened up an office later that year, and this year, we’re on track to buy 40 houses. We have eight employees, two franchises, and a dozen rental properties. To be able to employ others and help them begin careers as well is one of my greatest sources of pride with this work.  We started in the worst possible time frame, and yet every single year, the business has grown. This’ll be six years in a row.  We’re also Development Agents, so we work with seven franchisees to help them grow their businesses, too. That’s what’s so great about this system: there are so many supports in place to help new franchisees get started. HomeVestors puts the foundation in, and then you build the rest of it.

If you’re considering HomeVestors yourself, remember that you don’t need entrepreneurial experience to do this. You don’t have to be a Harvard MBA. Successful entrepreneurs are the dreamers and the doers, and at some point, you’ve just got to jump into the deep end. Immerse yourself, work hard, and ask a lot of questions. You can swim—you just have to be willing to take the chance.


Matt Malott

I quit my corporate job on June 24th. On the 27th, I closed three houses. That was the beginning of my freedom.

After working in sales for almost 20 years, I’d finally clawed my way to middle management, where I spent another decade, but I knew that if I wanted to reach the next level I’d have to sell my soul to do it, and I just wasn’t interested in that. A HomeVestors® franchise consultant was the first to tell me about the business and its possibilities, and I liked that I could keep my job while I started out. Once I got into it and learned more about their sales methodology, how many relationships you build along the way, and how many people you help in the process, I knew I wanted to do it full-time.

That’s the thing about doing this work: it feels good. I’m very proud that at the majority of my closings, I get hugged at the end. I’m buying a house from someone below market value, but they’re so relieved that I’m fixing a problem that they want to hug me. With the HomeVestors method and my background, I’m able to make sure I don’t take advantage of people. That means that I can make money and still help someone out of a tough situation.

My business is established now, but there’s still a huge amount of support from the HomeVestorsⓇ network if and whenever I need it. What’s great about this system is that there’s already a framework, so you just fit yourself right into it, and then reach out to that support network if you need to. I get the most support from fellow franchisees I met in some of our first training classes. Now, we keep in touch on social networks so that we can support each other from wherever we are.

The best part of being a franchisee, though, is the lifestyle change. The other day, American Airlines called to ask me if I was OK. They were worried because I hadn’t been on a plane since June. When your airline calls because they’re worried about why you haven’t flown in months, that’s a good thing. I have a former colleague who’s still with my old company—he called me this year from their annual sales kickoff in Palm Springs. He told me he watched the 7th game of the world series from a swanky resort, and I said, “Sure, but I got to watch the game on the couch with my two sons.” The other day I asked my kids which they liked better: my schedule now or before HomeVestors, and before I’d even finished asking, they all said, “Now’s better!” They like having me home. I don’t miss their practices anymore. I don’t miss their games anymore. If I hadn’t started working with HomeVestors, that just wouldn’t be possible.

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Sometimes you just need a change. Decades working in the same unsatisfying career can make anyone feel desperate for a change. Mike and Matt both recognized it, pursued their entrepreneurial dreams, and are now able to live the lives they wanted—thanks to their hard work and a little help from HomeVestors. If you’re ready to head in a different direction, contact us today to request franchise information.


Each franchise office is independently owned and operated.

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