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Helping People is Helping a Community

At HomeVestors®, our philosophy is that helping people is helping a community. Grace Riggs of the Chicago area was in a tough spot; she had to file bankruptcy because she was unable to afford the house she’d made her home for twenty years. Fortunately, she found a mailing from Mike Tassone, a HomeVestors® franchisee. By purchasing her house, Mike was able to help Grace get out of her “ugly” situation and get back on her feet.

HomeVestors not only helps people during tough times, but we also improve the neighborhoods we do business in.

Consider the ugliest house in America—owned by a hoarder, a beautiful 100-year-old home was in shambles, infested with animals and flooded floor to ceiling with decades of decaying clutter. Purchased by HomeVestors franchisee Scott Gottlieb, the house was sold to a wholesaler and renovated top to bottom, then put back on the market. Now that the house is well-kept, neighbors no longer need to worry about the eyesore staining the block and depressing property values around it.

Benefits of Becoming a HomeVestors® Franchisee

Investors gain access to the training, support, and capital they need to help men and women in their markets find solutions to the difficult life situations that are impacting their ability to maintain their homes. By investing in an ugly house, a HomeVestors® Franchisee:

  • Helps community members in distress.
  • Increases the values of homes, which in turn increases neighboring property values.
  • Fixes neighborhood eyesores, making the community a more attractive place to live.
  • Demonstrates the possibility of selling an ugly home to other community members interested in improving neighborhoods.
  • Brings new families, and new investment, to neighborhoods.

Ready to Make a Difference in a Tangible Way?

HomeVestors will supply you with the tools, marketing, leads, and resources you need to start improving the world around you. We believe in helping each other as a community of franchisees so that together we can help the communities we serve. If you’ve been wanting to get more involved with revitalizing your hometown, reach out to us today to request franchise consideration. Each franchise office is independently owned and operated.

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