Leads for Real Estate Investors: How HomeVestors Brings Home Sellers to You

Have you spent too much money buying lead lists for distressed properties? Have you invested hours of your time sending postcards, only to hear nothing back? Perhaps you worked up the nerve to cold call and felt ashamed when the homeowner cursed and hung up on you. Knocking on doors can place you in a situation where the door slammed in your face—and that can be seriously demoralizing.

Approaching a distressed homeowner can be risky and difficult, but HomeVestors® can provide the tools and resources you need to generate leads for its real estate investor franchisees.

Leads for Real Estate Investors: How HomeVestors Brings Home Sellers to You

Leads for Real Estate Investors: How HomeVestors Brings Home Sellers to You

Real Estate Investing Mentors: HomeVestors’® Development Agents Can Coach You in Your Franchise Business

How HomeVestors’ Marketing Works to Acquire Leads

Traditional approaches that investors use for home seller outreach, such as direct marketing and advertising, typically have a low conversion rate. But, an integrated nationwide campaign like those launched by HomeVestors will deliver much bigger results. HomeVestors successfully integrates an ideal marketing mix, including television, print, radio, and direct mail. These strategies provide cross-reinforcement, ultimately improving lead generation effectiveness because together, they deliver a cohesive, clear message to the target audience at multiple touch-points. Here are just a handful of ways that HomeVestors is generating leads for franchisees in every major market across the country:

  • Billboards –  Most people spend a significant portion of their week driving back and forth to work or simply running errands. Billboards serve as an effective mechanism for catching their attention during these otherwise dull moments. This is particularly true for commuters who are stuck in traffic. HomeVestors doesn’t just find the best investment real estate, they have captured the best billboard real estate too. Billboards are a key component in our strategy to promote greater brand awareness and generate leads.
  • Television commercials –  Advertising on television reaches the broadest demographic and the largest number of people. It builds awareness and interest faster than any other marketing channel. This advertising option generally delivers the highest conversion rates too. HomeVestors commercials are engaging and memorable, which contributes to the brand’s “‘stickiness” — the way it sticks in the minds of home sellers.
  • Radio –  Research shows that radio advertising is more personally relevant to them than television or the internet. The strong lifestyle bonds that listeners have with the particular radio stations they select can create an emotional readiness for targeted advertising. Many HomeVestors’ radio spots feature testimonials from home sellers who discuss their initial emotional distress and the relief that HomeVestors brought in solving their difficult financial situation.
  • Direct  mail –  Direct mail, a strategy used by many independent real estate investors, typically has a low conversion rate — unless it’s done in conjunction with a multi-pronged lead generation approach that allows home sellers to feel they already have a relationship with you. That’s precisely what we do here at HomeVestors. Since home sellers nationwide are already familiar with the “We Buy Ugly Houses®” brand, they are more receptive to keeping in touch. In fact, when they need to sell quick, local franchisees are often the first resource they call for help.

Achieve More with HomeVestors’ Powerful Lead Generation

The effectiveness of HomeVestors’ lead generation system is backed by the fact that franchisees have already bought over 100,000 houses since 1996. That adds up to a lot of real estate investing know-how.

A steady stream of leads is the key to a successful real estate investing business, and investors often spend an inordinate amount of time planning and implementing marketing tactics that frequently lead to nowhere. There are many resources that will tell you to “Buy this book!” or “Attend this seminar!” in order to learn how to generate more leads. But, let’s be honest about your return-on-investment when using these strategies. Wouldn’t it be nice to be backed by a nationwide lead generation campaign that is ready-made with a proven value? That’s where HomeVestors can help. We also provide you with the other ingredients that you need to succeed, like tools and resources, mentoring, along with ongoing training.

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