The Best Real Estate Investing Marketing and Lead Generation Strategies

There are deals out there just waiting to be done. But, if your real estate investing lead generation strategies aren’t working, you won’t find those promising investment opportunities.

It doesn’t matter if you have financing lined up or buyers waiting. If you don’t have solid real estate investing marketing in place, your business can’t get off the ground.

How can you get those qualified leads? By putting HomeVestors® nationally-known and trusted “We Buy Ugly Houses®” advertising campaign to work for your business.


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HomeVestors’ Real Estate Investing Marketing Brings Motivated Sellers to You

The “We Buy Ugly Houses®” real estate investing marketing is so effective, it’s helped HomeVestors® franchisees buy over 100,000 houses since 1996. With it, qualified leads come to you. You don’t have to hunt them down.


We buy some of the best billboard real estate to connect with distressed home sellers, everywhere they go.

Television commercials

Our television advertising reaches a broad demographic, targeting local markets across 47 states and Washington, D.C.


Radio forms lifestyle bonds with the listener so homeowners already feel a connection to you when they call for “SOLUTIONS FOR UGLY SITUATIONS®

Direct mail

Direct mail deepens engagement by encouraging sellers to reach out—and they will have your contact information literally in-hand.

Planning the best exit strategy

Know your options, we have a nationwide network to help you do everything from wholesaling to listing on the MLS.

“I felt joining up with HomeVestors would be a good way to try to get better “off-market” deals—and I have been here ever since.”

Mike Tassone, Chicago Franchise Owner

Make Your Real Estate Investing Marketing and Lead Generation Strategies More Effective Today

The value of HomeVestors®’ lead generation strategies has been shown again and again, as over 1100 independently owned and operated franchisees have purchased houses nationwide. Most of those new franchisees had no prior experience in real estate investing. But, with the right real estate investing marketing campaign in place, expert mentoring, and other resources, they didn’t need it.

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Each franchise office is independently owned and operated.

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