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Many people have a passion for real estate

But how do you turn that ambition into enterprise? Webinars and seminars can cover the basics, but often the experts teaching them aren’t entirely invested in helping their students succeed. That’s why so many new and first-time investors have looked to HomeVestors to help them turn their passion into successful business ventures.

Mentorship is a HomeVestors cornerstone. During and after completing our training program, new franchisees are connected with a mentorship network of other successful franchise owners—people who’ve gone through the same process, and made it. Better yet, HomeVestors sets our franchise owners up for success with the leads generated by our national We Buy Ugly Houses® brand.

John Holman

John Holman

Wanting to get into real estate, but not sure how to get started, John Holman joined with HomeVestors after experiencing frustration with self-professed “experts” who didn’t support him in the way he needed. Here’s John in his own words.

Within ten minutes of my first conversation with HomeVestors, I knew I was going to become a franchisee. At that point, I’d spent over thirty thousand dollars on real estate seminars with so called “gurus,” but that had been a disaster. Over a year’s time, I was able to buy only two houses, and both of them were bad deals.

I had two big problems. First of all, I didn’t have any leads. The seminars I’d taken had taught me how to structure deals, how to handle title transactions, and talked a lot about real estate in general, but they didn’t tell me where to find leads—or how to build a business out of them. That’s why I was so blown away by HomeVestors when I first found them. The steady stream of franchisees’ advertising generates leads, and their system comes equipped with a mentorship network made entirely of people who’ve already built their businesses and seen some success.

I was sold. I bought in to the HomeVestors® franchise network at the beginning of 2001. I’ll be honest: the first six months weren’t easy—there are challenges that come with starting any new business—but with the help of HomeVestors, I started making a very good living. Because of some personal circumstances and the beginning of the market crash, I ended my franchise in 2007, but I got back into the business in 2010, certain I could do it on my own this time. Boy, was I wrong. (There’s a reason I call this my “period of extended stupidity!”) I bought six houses on my own, but none of these transactions proved as lucrative as those I completed working with HomeVestors, and I continued to struggle with finding new leads.

Eventually, I re-engaged with HomeVestors, went through the training again, and, sure enough, started seeing significant gains. For the last four years, I’ve worked exclusively as a Development Agent, helping prospective franchisees decide if HomeVestors is right for them, and, once they’ve joined, supporting them in getting their businesses off the ground. I get a whole lot of satisfaction out of knowing that I’m helping people start independently owned and operated businesses and support their families—it’s hands-down the most rewarding aspect of this job.

This franchise is special. We hold ourselves to a very high ethical standard and we have a very supportive internal network. You don’t find that just anywhere. The fees I pay are totally overwhelmed by the benefit I get out of this system—they are far greater than the cost. If you’re thinking about investing in a HomeVestors franchise, I’d recommend doing your homework, your due diligence, and, most importantly, making sure that you want to be an entrepreneur. These are small businesses, after all, and operating them can be challenging. But at the end of the day, HomeVestors is worth it—at this point, it’s made me successful twice in my life, and I’m grateful.

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John Holman went from paying money for expensive seminars to running his own flourishing business. He was able to get the support that he needed and now shares his knowledge and expertise with other franchisees. Contact HomeVestors today to request franchise consideration, and get the ball rolling with unbeatable mentorship every step of the way.

Each franchise office is independently owned and operated.

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