How Does It Work?

Exploring HomeVestors Real Estate Investing Franchise

HomeVestors is the Only National Real Estate Investment Franchise


Unlike most real estate franchises, we work specifically in the home investment niche, where we set ourselves apart from the competition of traditional realtors and brokers. As an independently owned and operated franchise owner, you get to manage your own investments while also benefitting from our national network of knowledge and resources. We know our system works—we’ve built over 1,000 franchisees in 46 states, and have bought more than 100,000 houses. Here’s how we do it.

You Do


Once you’ve been approved as an independently owned and operated HomeVestors® franchisee and completed our training process, you’ll start investing in proven advertising using our trademarked “We Buy Ugly Houses®” brand via billboards, direct mail, television commercials, or targeted local web marketing.


As your advertising gains traction and leads start coming in, we teach you how to answer the calls, talk over the house, and get to know the homeowner. What kind of a situation are they in? What are their needs, and how can you help them? With HomeVestors, it’s not about the houses—it’s about the people. Empathy and understanding are what makes us successful in this business.


When you visit the house, our proprietary app, ValueChek, will help you evaluate the repair costs and other expenses, and determine the home’s After Repair Value based on the pricing of other similar homes in the area.


If, based on these estimates, you can expect a return, you’ll offer the homeowner cash for the property, as-is. This frees the homeowner from needing to make costly repairs and allows them to sell as quickly as they need, while allowing you to purchase the home for a low but fair price. As buyers, franchisees typically pay the sellers’ closing costs for the same reason.


You may decide to wholesale to other investors. If you decide to rehab and sell the properties, you’ll need to find good contractors, repair the house in accordance with local laws, then either sell the house for a return or hold it as a rental property. While the option is up to you, HomeVestors’ Development Agents are there to provide support and mentorship every step of the way.

How We Help


Our mission is to give you the knowledge and resources you need to buy houses and sell them for a return or hold them as rental properties. Once we’ve approved your application to join our network and you have signed a HomeVestors Franchise Agreement and paid the initial franchise fee, we’ll enroll you in our weeklong training course. Not only will you learn the how-tos and dos-and-don’ts, but also how to use all our tools to value a house, manage your leads, and the process of building strong relationships with homeowners.


While we’ll continue to provide supplemental training as long as you’re a franchise owner, the real learning you’ll be doing is on the job. That’s why we pair every new franchisee with a development agent in our mentorship program. These agents aren’t just coaches—they’re generally other franchisees who work in the same business day in and day out and have found success. They’re on the ground with you, walking the same path you are, and they’re there to help show you the right steps to take.


Before you can start buying houses, you need leads. We’ll help you bring them in with the power of our national “We Buy Ugly Houses®” brand, which is a household name across the United States. Ad placement is up to you, but marketing investment has been proven to generate serious leads. Our billboards, direct mail campaigns, TV and radio commercials, and internet advertising have helped us buy over 100,000 houses. Homeowners who may not have listed their houses already, and aren’t on foreclosure lists often see these ads and contact us first.


Once you’ve found a potential house, our proprietary ValueChek software will help you assess the cost of repairs. ValueChek is linked to our loan application software, allowing you to always have access to your essential information and saving you time on each potential buy. Also, our content management system can help you keep track of your leads, as well as offers, rehabs, and follow-ups. Information in our CMS can easily be shared with your mentor, other franchisees, and your various devices through the cloud.


After you’ve assessed the property and are ready to make an offer, HomeVestors can provide financing for your purchase. As soon as you’ve been approved as a franchisee, you’ll have access to funding support at reasonable rates to help you close the deal quickly, with cash. And when the house is yours, HomeVestors can help you find other investors inside and outside our network to sell it to.

Find Out More

If you’d like to hear how HomeVestors has worked for other investors, check out our testimonials from Cody Evans, who was able to transform part-time real estate endeavors into a full-time enterprise; John Holman, who always had an interest in real estate investing but needed some help getting up and running; and Matt Malott and Mike Falotico, who left unsatisfying jobs in other sectors behind to become successful franchisees. Or if you’re ready to get rolling right away, visit our franchise consideration page.

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