Ready To Have A Real Business In Real Estate?

Make better deals and grow your business whether you’re an experienced investor or not.

HomeVestors®, the We Buy Ugly Houses® people, has helped hundreds of investors of all experience levels build real estate businesses and financial independence. They achieve that with the proven process, proprietary tools, training and mentorship we’ve developed as America’s #1 Home Buyer.

Since 1996, we’ve put our investors in direct contact with homeowners who are motivated to sell quickly.

Real Growth

Control how your business expands with our multi-media marketing.

You’ve probably seen our advertising. So have millions of homeowners, and they’ve made us America’s #1 Home Buyer. Our communications ensure they understand the benefits of selling to HomeVestors over other methods, and they are ready to sell. When they contact us, they are connected immediately to a member of our team closest to them–and that could be you.

Real Margins

Real interest from sellers who can come to you before MLS.

The huge number of sellers we attract means our team members earn better margins from smarter buys. When sellers are finding you, not the other way around, you can be the first they contact for the off-market purchase of their houses, stay out of bidding wars, and be more selective about which deals look best.

Real Resources

Make smarter buys with HomeVestors® tools and support.

HomeVestors® has purchased more than 100,000 houses since 1996–more than anyone else. We offer you a proven process, exclusive resources and decades of expertise to add to your own experience and bring you greater home-buying results.

Real Financing

HomeVestors® financial backing gives you buying power.

As a part of HomeVestors® franchise network, you will have access to our exclusive financing portal so you won’t be at the mercy of lengthy loan approvals or high-interest hard-money lenders.

*Each franchise office is independently owned and operated.

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HomeVestors Franchise

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Millions of homeowners see our brand and contact us to get our help with the ugly situations they’ve encountered with their houses. They are directly connected to one of our investors, who enjoy the freedom of an independent business and the clout of a national brand.

Join The Real Opportunity In Real Estate.

The opportunity is here. Make it yours. Contact us today and become part of America’s #1 Home Buyer.

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