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Starting your own real estate business isn’t easy

Starting your own real estate business isn’t easy. Even with the skills, the attitude, and the dedication, uncovering leads and locking down financing can be a long, difficult process. Which is why time and time again, experienced real estate investors—who often have track records full of successful deals and remunerative properties—have come to HomeVestorsⓇ to access more tools that can help their growing businesses thrive.

At HomeVestors, we give investors the tools and mentorship they need to elevate their business. We draw in lead after lead with our national “We Buy Ugly HousesⓇ” brand, and we help franchisees close quickly, without having to wait for the bank.


Cody Evans

Looking for a way to expand and invigorate his professional home buying business, Cody Evans came to HomeVestors. Here’s what he has to say about the results.

When my brothers and I first started working with HomeVestors, we were skeptical. We’d been running a real estate brokerage, an appraisal company, and a construction business together and buying, repairing, and selling houses on the side for years, but around 2011-2012, the leads started drying up. We weren’t sure how HomeVestors would be able to find the leads we couldn’t. We were working in the same industry, so if we were struggling, why weren’t they? But when we got our first deal, we started to understand how effective their model is. That’s when we became true believers—when we saw the proof of success in our own business.

Financially, these past few years have been our most successful by far. We have two franchises, one in Tampa, Florida, and one in Los Angeles, California. We were one of the first franchise teams to bring HomeVestors to California, so we’ve been able to watch it grow locally right from the get-go. That’s been doubly rewarding. On the one hand, we’ve gained some really invaluable knowledge about how the business works, and on the other, we’ve been able to help a lot of other franchisees get their own businesses up and running. That’s a huge part of why this process works: there’s a really strong community here, and we all work together to support one another’s efforts.

Another big draw is how good it feels to help people in need. We talk a lot about the mindset of who we are and what our industry is, about how important it is to build meaningful relationships with sellers, and how we can present our offers without taking advantage of them. The fact of the matter is that there are people in need of our services, and they will sell to someone they trust. What it comes down to is that it’s about us and that seller—not about the house. HomeVestors teaches you to look at what a seller’s needs are, and then figure out how you can meet them. I love having that piece be a part of the work that I do every day—going to sleep knowing that I’ve helped someone else out of a difficult situation, but also made some money for myself and my family.

HomeVestors is hands-down the most instrumental thing that’s happened in our business. You’ve got to put in the work—we come in at 9, work til 5, stay late if we need to—but HomeVestors absolutely helps to set you up for success. Without them, the successes we’ve reached simply wouldn’t have been possible. The best advice I can offer is to ask questions. People within the system are always happy and more than willing to help—you’ve just got to tell us how.

Grow Your Potential With HomeVestors

Cody and his brothers turned their part-time projects into a full-time enterprise with help from HomeVestors. They were able to pair their real estate savvy with HomeVestors’ tools and re-energize their business. And they’ve been so successful that they are now able to help other new franchisees get off the ground as well. If you are looking to breath new life into your business, contact us today and request franchise consideration.

Each franchise office is independently owned and operated.

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