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Homevestors of America, most well known for its signature “We Buy Ugly Houses” brand and the lovable caveman mascot, “Ug”, is the nation’s largest homebuyer and a pinnacle of the real estate market economic community. Homevestors has purchased over 50,000 homes in its 20+ years of business.

These are quite substantial bragging rights, but more importantly, these accolades represent consistency, trust and credibility. After all, a large home-buying franchising network doesn’t succeed with faulty practices and investors trust a company with results.

One of the biggest factors on the mind of prospective entrepreneurs and franchisees is, of course, the money. This is a money-centric business, and franchisors understandably want to know how it all works and what available resources exist for things such as financing and other trade tools.

Homevestors helps investors with financing in a couple of different ways, and many other facets of the franchising model are set up to ensure smaller financial barriers that are easier to overcome.

One of the ways Homevestors helps with financing is with a well established compilation of financing resources. Because of its extensive franchise network and the years of experience over which the company has established a great many mutually beneficial partnerships with other parties in the financing realm, Homevestors is empowered not only with its own bolstered financial stability, but also with a variety of channels it can share with its franchisors.

Homevestors also offers internal support avenues for financing and similar resources for franchisors. Furthermore, the existing franchisors whose ranks you will join when you become a Homevestors franchisor, can help you as well. It’s beneficial to work with existing franchisors when you join for a variety of other reasons as well, especially those in your local area.

But the Homevestors model is never restricted to a singular solution. The beauty of the design and strategy is that every aspect of the business is imbued with multiple supportive resources and guidelines.

In other words, while you may find plenty of resources to secure your financing needs, you’ll also have fewer expenses than an independent realtor, and higher quality tools at your disposal.

One example of this is the expert real estate industry pros such as Appraisers and Home Valuation experts. Homevestors offers franchisors the easiest, highest quality methods for evaluation homes for you to purchase. This equates to less out-of-pocket cost for you, and better positioning on the houses you intend to buy so that your profits are greater.

Another great example of support you’ll receive that will positively impact your bottom line is the training. One of the hallmarks of Homevestors’ franchising model is the top notch training. Everyone in the company wants you to succeed, because when you win, everyone wins, and vice-versa.

Because of this community-based model, you’ll receive the best training in the industry from real pros, while getting valuable hands-on experience. With this type of resource, you’ll make fewer mistakes, earn more money on every deal, and avoid costs that you might otherwise have considered imperative.

It’s not just the direct financing help that keeps you in the black with Homevestors, but an entire infrastructure of support built to bolster all the facets of your new business.

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