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You can talk to almost anyone using social media

It used to be you had to pick up the phone, dial the operator, get them to connect you before you ever had half a chance of talking to anyone who wasn’t right in front of you. And then you could direct-dial. And then came the touch-tone phone. And cell phones. Smartphones. Internet-in-your-pocket.

You can literally connect to anyone – anywhere – anytime you want – right now. Sounds powerful, right?

It is.

But can it be used to find, and purchase, profitable investment properties?

In theory, yes

If you can talk to celebrities on twitter, you can probably find someone who is selling a house you can fix and flip or rent in a neighborhood near you. This is assuming, of course, that the potential seller is using twitter to talk about their house woes. If it’s ugly houses you’re after, all you have to do is search twitter for the words associated with ugly houses. We’ll go ahead and do that here, as a little experiment.

Let’s start with “cracked foundation”

Here’s a screen shot I took of the twitter search results:

buying with twitter

So what happens when I click the link in the tweet? Where does it take me? Is there a potential investment opportunity hiding behind that link? Maybe, maybe not. Let’s have a look. Check it out here.

The long and short of it is someone in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina posted pictures and a description of what the cracked foundation did to their home. If you’re into buying houses with cracked foundations on the cheap, it might be worth it to leave a quick, sympathetic comment that indicates you might be interested in purchasing the house.

That’s just one keyword. Imagine what would happen if you built a list of keywords like “broken septic system,” “destroyed home,” “divorced home,” “divorce home sale” and used an app like TweetDeck to monitor them and communicate with the people writing relevant posts. Sure, you have to sift through a lot of bad poetry and generic advice written by wannabe-life-coaches, but that’s half the fun of twitter.

And you might just find a lead, like a dog sniffing out a bone. It’s worth a shot, right?

It never hurts to ask, right? It sure doesn’t, especially when it comes to profitable real estate deals!

It takes 5 minutes to search twitter

Leads cost money. If you buy investment property regularly, you know they can run into the hundreds of dollars. It might be worth it to come up with a social media program designed to generate your own leads, especially if it only takes an hour of your free time on a Friday afternoon. What starts out as a playful lark could become lead generation magic if you play your cards right and get a little lucky.


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