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With over 900 successful independently owned and operated franchises in the U.S., HomeVestors is on a mission to develop success-focused resources for both prospective and experienced real estate investors alike. Our Foundational Insights blog shares key investment lessons from our decades of home buying and investing experience in the northeast, midwest, and nationwide.

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Why Using Hard Money for Gap Funding is a Terrible Idea

How to Find a Real Estate Wholesale Mentor Who Won’t Pull the Wool Over Your Eyes

Where to Get Wholesaling Contracts: Bad Choices and Better Options

An Overview of the Atlantic Highlands Real Estate Market for NJ Investors

Why the NJ Real Estate Disclosure Form is Key to an Honest Transaction by Investors

Should Your Real Estate Investing Focus on an Airbnb Strategy?

Is Chicago Real Estate a Buyer or Seller Market—And Whether That Matters for Investors

Are Chicago Real Estate Appraisers Necessary for Local Investors?

Foreclosure Auctions Explained: Your Comprehensive Guide to The Ins and Outs

How to Work in Real Estate Without a License

Real Estate Career Advice: Should You Get a Broker License?

Why a Real Estate Career After 60 Makes Sense

How to Find Income Property for Sale in New Jersey: The Easier Way

Top 6 Best Lenders for Real Estate Investors Who Are Serious About Their Career

Can the VA Flipping Rule Help You Sell That Investment House Faster?

Real Estate Auction Companies in Chicago, Illinois: Which Option is Best

How to Gain Legitimate Real Estate Leads for Investment Opportunities

How to Buy Foreclosed Homes in New Jersey: Navigating the Challenges

The Chicago Housing Market in 2022: Keep Your Eye on These Neighborhoods

How to Find Foreclosed Homes in Newark NJ Without Hustling…Too Hard

Why Flipping Houses Is a Bad Idea—If You Don’t Have the Right Plan in Place

The Best Places to Buy Investment Property in Chicago for 2022

Why Real Estate Buyer Leads From Craigslist Are Not Worth Investing Time In

Is the Foreclosure Auction in Dutchess County, NY a Good Way to Get Investment Deals?

How to Navigate the Foreclosure Auction in Jersey City

‌ Chicagoland Real Estate Trends That Investors Need To Know Now

Are Real Estate Leads That You Pay at Closing Worth an Investor’s Time?

Which Real Estate Investing Website Provides the Best Leads?

Is It Worth It To Be a Landlord in NYC? Pros and Cons To Consider

How to Find Private Real Estate Investors in Chicago for Networking Support

The Best Real Estate Lead Generation Websites for Investors

Can You Get Real Estate Leads With No Upfront Cost for Investment Properties?

How to Do a Cook County Real Estate Investing Records Search

Best Places to Buy Investment Property in Chicago in 2022

Bidding in Buffalo NY’s Tax Foreclosure Auction: The Benefits and Pitfalls

What’s the Average Cost to Flip a Small House?

Flipping Houses Before and After: How You Can Achieve the Best Results Too

Should I Sell My Investment Property Now or Wait Until the Market Settles?

The Best Chicago Real Estate Investors to Follow This Year

Is Buying a Rental in Bridgewater, NJ a Good Idea Right Now?

Top 10 Risks of Buying a Foreclosed House—And How to Get Better Opportunities

Flipping Houses in Chicago Under an LLC: What Are the Benefits?

Can You Get Foreclosure Auction Financing: The Ins, Outs, and Hard Truths

Franchise Opportunities in Chicago Are Everywhere: Which One Should You Choose?

How to Buy Income Property: 7 Tips to Get You Started on the Right Foot

Looking for Franchise Opportunities in Long Island? Here’s Where to Start

Leads on Cheap Old Houses in NJ for Investment Can Be Easier to Get—Here’s How

Real Estate Investing in Chicago Heights: Options and Opportunities in 2021

How to Get NJ Real Estate Leads in Newark: Your Options and a Better Opportunity

Understanding Cap Rates in NYC: The Basics You Need to Know

Is Flipping Houses While Living in Them a Good Investment Strategy?

Find Off-Market Real Estate in Queens, NY With These Tips and Tricks

Is Real Estate Investing With a House Hacking Strategy a Good Idea?

Navigating the Cook County Scavenger Sale in 2021 for Investment Potential

How to Be a House Flipper in Chicago During a Market High

How to Access Off-Market Real Estate Deals Before the Competition

What’s the Average Cost to Flip a House?

How To Get Financing for a Real Estate Investment with Less Hassle

How to Start Flipping Houses in Washington State With the Right Tools and Resources

Chicago Real Estate Investing Can Be Done Online: Your Best Ideas and Resources

Looking to Invest in Chicago Real Estate for Cheap? You’ll Need The Best Leads

Should You Get a HELOC on Investment Property to Buy Another in NY?

Which Real Estate Investing Clubs in Delaware Are Worth Attending?

Why Investment Property in Binghamton NY is Hot Right Now

Looking to Buy a Franchise? Here are the Advantages and Disadvantages to Consider

It’s Time to Buy a Franchise in Florida—Here Are Your Best Options

Getting NY Investment Property Funding: A Review of Your Top Options

Why Buffalo NY Investment Property is a Good Bet Right Now

Is a Chicago Airbnb Investment the Right Move?

Stay Off the Chicago Bad Landlord List With These 5 Business Practices

Should You Buy a Franchise or Real Estate? Why Not Both?

Build Your Oregon Investment Property Business With These Important Tools and Resources

How Much Does a Real Estate Investor Mentor Really Cost? A Breakdown of What Your Money Gets

Is Investing in Real Estate Worth It in 2021?

Investing in New York Real Estate After COVID-19 Doesn’t Need to Feel So Risky

Investing in New Jersey Real Estate During COVID: Why and How to Begin

Weighing the Real Estate Investing Pros and Cons Before Diving In Head First

In New York Deciding Between Wholesaling vs. Flipping? Here’s Your Answer

How to Start Real Estate Investing During This Pandemic

Flipping Houses in Charlotte NC is Hot Right Now—Here’s How to Get In On It

What Real Estate Investing Gurus Can Teach You: A Lesson You Won’t Forget

How Chicago Real Estate Investing During COVID-19 Could Be Your Best Opportunity This Year

These Recession Resistant Franchises Under 50k Are Your Top Options This Year

Why the Worst Neighborhoods in Chicago Might Be Your Best Real Estate Investments

The Best Recession-Proof Franchises to Buy May Be Different Than You Think. Here are Your Best Options

Why the Latest New York Real Estate Guru Won’t Be Your Best Role Model

How to Buy a Short Sale Home in Florida—And Whether You Should

The Brrrr—or Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat—Method Sounds Easy. But Is It?

Which Hard Money Lenders in Portland Oregon Will Have Your Back For Your Next Deal?

Finding Off-Market Real Estate in NJ Can Be Easier Than You Think With These Strategies

Looking for Chicago Real Estate Wholesalers? Here’s a Better Option for Buying and Selling

Stop Scrolling for Investment Property Lenders in Florida—Here’s Your Best Option Right Now

Sorting Through Chicago Ownership Records Takes Too Much Time. Here’s How to Invest More Wisely

Why Chicago Short Sale Listings Are Not Your Best Option for Finding Investment Houses

How to Start Wholesaling Real Estate in Pennsylvania With Confidence Today

Real Estate Investing for Beginners: From Strategy to Action

Recession-Proof Small Businesses: Top 5 Ideas That Can Weather Any Market

Top Considerations for Real Estate Investing in Seattle For 2021

How to Wholesale Real Estate in Illinois—Ethically and Legally

Is Wholesaling Real Estate Legal in Oregon? Here Are the Most Common Gray Areas to Watch Out For

In Chicago Flipping Rehabbed Houses? Here’s What You Need to Know

The ‘Recession Proof’ Careers Have Changed But Here’s One That Was Ready

Marketing Chicago Real Estate Investments on Instagram is the New Trend—Should You Follow it?

Buying Chicago Real Estate During the Coronavirus: Top Tips to Boost Your Investment Business

Which Hard Money Real Estate Loans in NJ Make Sense For Your Investment Goals

Top 5 Hard Money Lenders in Long Island NY For Funding Flips

How the Coronavirus May Affect Real Estate Investors Like You—And What You Can Do About It

What Are Hard Money Lenders Looking For? Top Tips to Help You Qualify

How to Start Wholesaling Real Estate in NY With Confidence

A Review of Private Money Lenders in Chicago For Best Investment Support

Real Estate Investing in Portland Oregon: Your Best Opportunities and Options

Understanding the Foreclosure Auction in Albany NY: Is it Worth Your Time to Find Investment Properties?

Beginner’s Guide to Virtual Wholesaling of Real Estate Without Losing Your Shirt

Real Estate Investing Seminars in Seattle Are Canceled—Here’s Your Best Alternative

Why the Formula for Wholesaling Houses You Are Using May Lead You Astray

How to Find Chicago Off Market Properties Before Everyone Else Does

Should You Attend Real Estate Investing Classes in Seattle This Year?

Finding Buyers for Wholesaling Real Estate in NY Made Easy: Top X Tips and Resources

Navigating the Multnomah County Sheriff Sale Might Not Be Worth It For Investors—Here’s Why

Expert Advice for Flipping Houses in Charlotte NC

Is it a Good Time to Invest in Real Estate Right Now? Yes—If You Have These Top Resources

How To Start Wholesaling Real Estate in Florida With Confidence

Top Options When Searching for an Investment Property in Uncertain Times

Should You Buy Up Abandoned Houses in Seattle to Boost Your Portfolio?

Knowing What to Look For in an Investment Property Starts With These 5 Tips

Sorting Through Auction Homes in Rochester NY: Navigating the Online Options

How to Invest in a Recession With Less Uncertainty

Why Looking on Craigslist for Chicago Real Estate Deals Is a Dead End for Investors

Which Fix and Flip Mentorship Can Teach What You Need to Know?

How to Start Flipping Houses in Minneapolis and Beat the Competition

Top Strategies for Real Estate Investing in Atlanta Right Now

How Flipping Houses in Cincinnati Can Be Your Next Best Career Move

How Wholesaling Houses as a Full-time Goal Can Be Achieved

Does the City Of Newark Public Real Estate Auction Really Offer Investment Deals?

Which Hard Money Lenders in Cleveland Ohio Can You Trust With Your Deal?

How to Make an Orlando Florida Real Estate Investment With the Best Potential ROI

Is Humboldt Park An Up and Coming Neighborhood With Real Estate Investment Potential?

How to Find the Owner of a Distressed House More Easily

How To Successfully Buy A Short Sale Home In Illinois For Best Investment Potential

How to Find Buyers for Wholesaling Real Estate and Grow Your Professional Investing Business

Choosing Among Hard Money Lenders in Oregon Is Easier Than You Think—Here’s How

How To Finance Real Estate Investments Faster and Easier Than Ever

Finding Investment Property in Destin Florida Can Be Easier Than You Think—Here’s How

How to Start a Small Real Estate Investment Business While Working Your Day Job

Which Foreclosure Auction in Chicago Offers the Best Opportunity for Real Estate Investments?

Is Your Real Estate Investing Guru Offering Advice—or Scams?

The Worst Neighborhoods in Queens That You Should Be Buying Investment Houses In Now

The Fix and Flip Line of Credit Options You Need to Understand Before Signing On

Where to Find Other Real Estate Investors in Columbus Ohio For Best Networking Opportunities

Is the New Orleans Sheriff Sale Your Best Option For Finding Investment Property?

Buying Investment Property in NYC: What You Need to Know for 2020

Which Real Estate Auctions in Nashville TN Provide the Best Investment Opportunities?

Which Real Estate Investing Clubs in South Carolina Provide the Best Training and Mentorship?

Why Wholesaling Preforeclosures Can Be Challenging

How To Find Investment Property in Jacksonville Florida With the Best ROI Potential

Why Gap Funding for Real Estate Investors Should Make You Think Twice

How To Do Wholesaling Real Estate in NJ With More Certainty

How To Find Motivated Sellers on Zillow: Top 3 Tips You Probably Haven’t Considered

Is the Memphis Tax Sale Worth the Investment Risk?

How To Find Motivated Sellers to Wholesale Real Estate And Get Them To Call You First

3 Most Reputable Hard Money Lenders In Brooklyn, NY For Funding Your Real Estate Investment Deals

Start Flipping Houses in Syracuse With the Top Tools and Resources

Top 3 Up And Coming Neighborhoods in Orlando to Focus Your Investing Dollars On

Top 5 Up and Coming Milwaukee Neighborhoods For Flipping Houses

How To Get Started Wholesaling Real Estate And Start Your Investing Career

Top Distressed Residential Investment Property Analysis Methods For Getting the Numbers Right

How to Start Flipping Houses in Jacksonville Florida and Swim With the Big Fish

Why Seeking 2nd Position Hard Money Lenders Can Be a Terrible Idea

Find Foreclosed Homes in Michigan For Sale With Free Listings: The Pros and Potential Pitfalls of Your Options

Is Florida Real Estate a Good Investment? Yes—If You Have These Resources

The Best Connection to Private Money Lenders in Tennessee For Fast Investment Funding

Pros and Cons of Investing in Real Estate: Considerations For Making Your Career Decision Smartly

We Curated The Top Hard Money Lenders in Pittsburgh So You Don’t Have To

How to Get Financing for Investment in Real Estate and Jumpstart Your Professional Career

How to Get An Investment Property Loan Without Breaking a Sweat

Which Hard Money Lenders in Vermont Offer the Best Funding Options?

Why Looking On Craigslist For Columbus Ohio Real Estate Deals May Not Be Your Best Strategy

How to Attract Motivated Sellers For Your First Deal Or Your Fiftieth

Choosing a Renovation Loan for Investment Property: A Comparison of Your Top Options

How to Make the Most Reputable Memphis Hard Money Lenders Compete for Your Deals

Why Looking at Craigslist for Toledo, OH Real Estate Investment Deals is a Dead End

How to Start a Wholesale Real Estate Business On The Right Foot

How to Buy Investment Property in Florida for Best ROI Potential

Navigating the Challenges of the Marathon County Sheriff Sales to Find Solid Investment Properties

Choosing Real Estate Funding for Investors is Simple: Here’s Your Best Options

How to Choose Among Hard Money Lenders in Cincinnati Ohio to Fund Your Flips

Real Estate Investment in Your 20s is Really Doable—Here’s How

How to Find Motivated Sellers on Craigslist: Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Risks of Buying Tax Sale Properties in Fort Wayne Indiana for Investment Potential

Is Attending a Flipping Houses Seminar in Rochester NY Worth Your Time?

Top 4 Reasons to Start Real Estate Investing in Tampa Fl This Year

Navigating the Sheriff Auction in Franklin County Ohio: Is There More Red Tape Than Reward?

Which Real Estate Investor Meetings in South Florida Are Worth Checking Out?

How to Invest 100k in Property: Your Top Two Options

Why Buying Short Sale Homes in Queens NY Is Not Your Best Investment Bet

How Mom and Pop Real Estate Investing Can Be More Competitive in a Tight Market

Where to Find Other Real Estate Investors in PA for Networking

The Best Real Estate Franchise to Buy—According to National Rankings

How to Become a Landlord in Ohio and Build a Portfolio of Passive Income

The Best Hard Money Lenders In Kentucky That Can Fund Your Flip Fast

Your Best Short Term Real Estate Financing Options for Flipping Houses

The Top 3 Hard Money Lenders in Georgia For Fastest Investment Funding

The Top Ways of Valuing an Investment Property

How to Start a Fix and Flip Business in 8 Simple Steps

How To Find Louisville KY Investment Properties for the Best ROI

Which Hard Money Lenders in Indianapolis Can You Trust?

How to Purchase Income Property and Avoid a Potential Money Pit

Top Pros and Cons Of Buying a Foreclosure Property That You Must Consider Before Investing

It’s Time to Buy Investment Property in South Florida—Here’s Why

Do Ohio Sheriff Auctions Actually Provide The Best Local Investment Options?

How To Finance a Fix and Flip: Top 3 Options

Comparing Sheriff Sales in Maine For Best Investment Property Opportunities

Starting a Fix And Flip Business Doesn’t Have To Be Hard – If You Have These Critical Resources

Starting Your Own Real Estate Investment Company Can Be Risky Without These 4 Resources

Nashville’s Top Four Up And Coming Neighborhoods With The Best Income Potential

The Best Bets for Real Estate Investing in Columbus Ohio

How to Fund Cash Only Real Estate Deals and Start Investing Professionally

Residential Income Property: How Does It Compare to Other Real Estate Investments?

Before Making a Real Estate Investment in Ann Arbor You’ll Need This Critical Resource

Why You Should Get Started Flipping Houses in Georgia Right Now

4 Ways Your Distressed Real Estate Investment Strategy Could Be Better

How to Invest $200K in Real Estate and Build a Professional Investment Business

How Flipping Houses Part-time Can Be The Foothold You Need to Achieve Your Financial Goals

Why Buying From the Sheriff Auction in Montgomery County Ohio May Have More Risk Than Reward

Should You Attend A Flipping Houses Seminar in Harrisburg, PA?

Top 5 Hidden Opportunities in Up and Coming Neighborhoods in Indianapolis With the Best ROI Potential

How to Decide Which Exit Strategy for Real Estate Investments is Right for Your Business

Top 3 Most Promising South Florida Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Is Real Estate Investing a Good Career? Yes—If You Have the Right Tools and Resources

Which Real Estate Auctions in Harrisburg PA Actually Offer Solid Investment Deals?

Which House Flipping Business Model Fits Your Level of Experience and Financial Goals?

Why Looking at Pittsburgh Real Estate Auction Deals Online Is a Time Sink

How to Find Motivated Sellers on Facebook—From the Orthodox to the Offbeat

How to Buy a Short Sale in NY—And Why You Probably Shouldn’t

Why Flipping Houses in South Carolina Should Be Your Investing Focus Right Now

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Foreclosed Homes in Southern Indiana

Should You Take Out a Line of Credit to Buy Investment Property?

The Best Up and Coming Neighborhoods in St Petersburg FL That Are Ripe for Investment This Year

Expert Advice for Real Estate Investing in Philadelphia: Where to Look and How to Close the Deal

The Best Up and Coming Neighborhoods in Columbus Ohio for Best Real Estate Investment Potential

Improve Your Real Estate Investing Marketing Plan With These 5 Powerful Ideas

How to Get Loans for Real Estate Investing and Build Your Business Faster

The Most Promising Places for Flipping Houses in South Florida for Best ROI Potential

The Top Three Hard Money Lenders in Maine

How to Find the Best Wisconsin Investment Property Right From Your Computer

Which Type of Investment Property in Miami Florida Holds the Best Investment Potential?

How to Buy Probate Properties—and Why You Might Not Want To

Flint Land Bank Houses Are for Sale: Should You Buy Them?

Your Guide to Investment in Florida Real Estate: Why, Where, and How to Start Now

The Detroit Real Estate Investment Club Alternative That is More Than Worth Your Time

Which Real Estate Investment Classes Actually Set You Up to Succeed?

Finding Investment Property in Ohio: Where to Look for the Best Deals

Should You Start Flipping Houses in Atlanta? Yes, and Here’s How

How to Sort the Detroit Real Estate Deals From the Duds and Avoid Rookie Investing Mistakes

The Best Way to Find Houses to Flip: A Comparison of Your Options and Opportunities

Should You Buy at a Real Estate Auction in PA? The Pros, Potential Pitfalls, and Your Best Alternative

Buying New Orleans Investment Property is a Smart Move for 2019: Here’s Where to Look First

Top 5 Tips for Buying a Second Investment Property

Buying Investment Property? This Checklist Will Keep You On Track for Optimal ROI

When Is the Best Time to Buy Investment Property?

The Best Places for Flipping Houses in Tennessee

How to Start Flipping Houses Full-time and (Finally!) Be Your Own Boss

The Best Hard Money Lenders in New Orleans: How to Choose Among Them

Skip the Directory: These Real Estate Investment Clubs in Pennsylvania Offer the Most Bang for Your Buck

The Top 3 Hard Money Lenders in Ohio: A Comparison of Your Best Funding Options

Investment Property in Columbus Ohio: The Best Places to Look for Deals

Flipping Houses in Cleveland Ohio: Is It the Right Time?

How to Become a Real Estate Entrepreneur in 4 Straightforward Steps

Florida Real Estate Investment Clubs: Which Ones Are Worth Your Time?

Getting Into Flipping Houses: 5 Essential Considerations Before You Make the Leap

How to Find Potential Home Sellers With Advertising for Best Investment ROI

Which New Jersey Hard Money Lenders Offer the Right Terms for Your Investment Deal?

Flipping Houses in New Orleans is Hot—Here’s Where to Look for Best ROI

Is Flipping Houses Profitable in Our Current Market?

How to Be Successful in Real Estate Investing: Essential Tips for Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Which Up and Coming Pittsburgh Neighborhoods Are Ripe for Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investing in Cincinnati: Top 5 Reasons to Enter the Market in 2019

How to Write a Fix and Flip Business Plan That Drives Repeated ROI

A Guide to the Pittsburgh Real Estate Investing Market for 2019

Is Buying Probate Properties a Good Investment Strategy?

The Best Places to Invest in Florida Real Estate in 2019

What Types of Funding for Flipping Houses Are Available?

Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Florida: Where to Find the Best Deals

The Best House Flipping Apps for 2019: A Comprehensive Review of Your Options

Jersey Shore Real Estate Deals Can Be Hard to Come By: Here’s How to Make it Easier

Analyzing Real Estate Deals: Which Method Provides the Most Certainty?

Flint Michigan Real Estate Market Trends and Forecasts: Should You Start Investing Here?

What Is a Good Cap Rate for Investment Property: Top Factors You Need to Consider

Top Real Estate Investor Leads to Maximize Your Investing Potential

Is Being a Landlord Worth It? Risks and Rewards of Buying Income Property

The Best PA Real Estate Deals for Investors: How to Buy Them Before the Competition Does

How to Start a Career Flipping Houses: Step-by-step Considerations for Every Beginner

Real Estate Investing in Grand Rapids, MI: Why It’s the Perfect Time

How to Find Foreclosure Auctions Nationwide: Top No-Fee Resources for Investors

Flipping Houses Classes: A Review of Your Top Options

Top 5 Small Business Ideas for Veterans

Where to Buy Investment Property in Florida: Top Hot-spots for Optimal ROI

Do I Need a Contractors License to Flip Houses?

Distressed Real Estate Investing: Top 5 Reasons to Begin Now

How to Buy a Foreclosure Property in NJ: The Pitfalls to Look Out For

How to Find Houses to Flip—Even When Competition is Tough

5 Reasons Real Estate Investing in Cleveland Ohio is a Good Bet Right Now

Top 5 Alternatives to Corporate Jobs That Can Fulfill Your Passions

Top 3 Up and Coming Neighborhoods in Queens That You Should Be Investing In

Top 5 Best Business Opportunities for Disabled Veterans

Which Hard Money Lender in Wisconsin Can Fund Your Flip Fast?

What is the Best Way to Buy Investment Property?

How to Buy a House at Auction in Florida: A Step-by-step Guide

Indianapolis Real Estate Market Trends That Investors Need to Know for 2019

Why Investing in Harlem Real Estate Could Be Your Next Big Win in 2019

Is Investment Property in Indianapolis a Good Buy for 2019?

Investing in New Jersey Real Estate: What You Need to Know for 2020

Where to Buy Rental Property in Jersey City in 2019

Investment Property in Detroit is Hot: Here’s Where You Should Be Looking for Deals

Jersey City Real Estate Market Trends for 2019

The Hottest Real Estate Investment Markets: Trends That You Need to Know for 2019

What Are the Best Cap Rates in Chicago?

Investing in Real Estate: Is Detroit Where You Should Look in 2019?

Selling Investment Property at a Loss? Here’s How to Recover

Investment in Real Estate: Indianapolis is Where You Should Focus

Small Business Ideas for Veterans: Which Opportunity Should You Buy Into?

Finding Real Estate Deals in NYC Is Competitive: Here’s How to Cut the Competition

Flipping Houses in Columbus Ohio: Is It Time to Begin?

Should I Buy a Franchise? Pros, Cons, and Best Bets

Should You Invest in Chicago Real Estate in 2019?

Investing in Residential Property: Chicago’s Most Promising Neighborhoods for 2019

The 2019 Chicago Housing Market Forecast for Investors

Chicago Property Tax Impact on Investments for 2019

Which Long Island Real Estate Investment Clubs Can Benefit Your Business Best?

Are Tax Lien Properties for Sale in Michigan a Good Investment?

What Is the 70 Rule in House Flipping and Should You Follow It?

How to Find Off-market Properties in NYC to Grow Your Investment Business

Are Tax Sale Properties in Indianapolis Worth the Investment?

The Best Real Estate Investing in Jersey City: A 2019 Forecast

What Does ARV Mean in Real Estate: Why It’s Important for Investors to Know

Up and Coming Neighborhoods in Brooklyn That Investors Should Be Looking at in 2019

Being a Landlord in Illinois: The Risks and Rewards You Need to Know

Where are the Up and Coming Neighborhoods in NYC for 2020?

The Real Estate Investment Career Path: Ins and Outs That You Need to Know From the Start

Up and Coming Neighborhoods in NJ That Investors Should Be Looking At

House Flipping in Indianapolis: Opportunities to Look for in 2019

What is a Real Estate Investor Job Description and Do You Have the Chops?

Flipping Houses in PA: A Neighborhood Guide on Where to Invest

Up and Coming Chicago Neighborhoods for 2019: Where Investors Should Be Looking

Networking With Cincinnati Real Estate Investors: How to Find Your Tribe

How to Easily Calculate the Cap Rate for Income Property

Is Buying a Short Sale in NJ the Best Way to Get an Investment Deal?

Flipping Houses in Indianapolis: Opportunities and Options for Entering the Market

Hard Money Lenders in Connecticut: Finding the Right Funding for Your Real Estate Investment

How to Find Off-market Real Estate Deals for the Best Investment Potential

Why Invest in Indianapolis Real Estate? Top 5 Reasons Now Is the Time

Which Hard Money Lenders in Rhode Island Should You Work With to Fund Your Next Investment Deal?

Should I Buy a Foreclosed House or Not? Pros and Potential Pitfalls

Buying From House Auctions in Detroit, Michigan: What to Expect

Interested In a House Auction in PA? Here’s What You Need to Know

Buying Residential Investment Property: 5 Important Considerations Before Closing the Deal

Are Genesee County Land Bank Properties Worth Your Investment?

Flipping Houses in Buffalo NY: Potential Risks and Rewards

Buy, Renovate, and Sell Property For a Living: The Basics and Beyond

Which Hard Money Lenders in Michigan Can Fund Your Real Estate Investment?

How a House Auction Works in PA: The Pros and Potential Pitfalls

Do You Need a Real Estate License to Flip Houses?

Up and Coming Neighborhoods in Detroit: Where You Should Be Looking for Investment Houses Now

How Does a Sheriff Sale Work in Allegheny County? Understanding the Ins and Outs of Buying an Auction House

Looking For Indianapolis Investment Properties for Sale? The Best Opportunities and Options

How Do You Become a Real Estate Investor?

Where to Buy Rental Property in New Jersey For 2019

House Flipping in Detroit: Top Market Conditions to Consider

Consider Foreclosure Auction Risks When Looking For Investment Deals

House Flipping in Pittsburgh PA: The Risks and Potential Returns

Should I Invest in Detroit? What Professional Investors Are Saying About the Market’s Future

Should You Buy a House to Renovate and Sell?

Sheriff Sale Houses in Philadelphia: Are They a Good Investment Deal?

Abandoned Houses For Sale in Detroit: A Good Investment Opportunity?

Being a Landlord for the First Time: Top Tips to Keep You in the Black

Hard Money Lenders in Pennsylvania: Navigating the Best Options

Flipping Houses in Wisconsin: Market Basics and Beyond For Beginners

Investing in Single-family Homes: Top Tips to Safekeep Your ROI

Property Investment in Vermont: Where Should You Buy in 2019

Being a Landlord in Chicago: Benefits and Challenges That You Should Expect

Creating a Flipping Houses Business Plan: The Nuts and Bolts of Your Business Strategy

Buying Income Property in New Jersey: Is the Market Ripe for Investment?

Real Estate Auctions in Michigan: Where Can You Find the Best Investment Deal?

How to Buy Multiple Properties and Grow Your Real Estate Investment Business Fast

Being a Landlord in PA: Benefits and Challenges That You Should Expect

Detroit Real Estate Investing: Opportunities and Options for Entrepreneurs

Real Estate Investing: Where to Start When Building Your Business

Is Being a Landlord in NYC the Best Real Estate Investment Strategy?

Flipping Houses in Detroit: Important Market Forces You Should Be Watching

The Top 5 Benefits of Being a Landlord

Comparing Residential Hard Money Lenders in NY for Cost and Convenience

Detroit Property Investment: How to Find the Best Leads

Where To Find a Real Estate Investing Mentor Near You

How to Buy Foreclosed Homes in NJ: Navigating the Challenges

Flipping Houses in Indianapolis: Can You Make It a Solid Business?

The 3 Biggest Mistakes in Real Estate Investing and How to Avoid Them

How to Find New York Real Estate Investors for Networking

Real Estate Investing in Indiana: Where to Find the Best Deals

Top 5 Tips on Buying Investment Property For Strong ROI

Thinking of Buying a Foreclosed Home in NY? Here’s What You Need to Know

Are Detroit Land Bank Houses a Good Investment for Growing Your Portfolio?

Building Your Real Estate Investing Startup: 3 Strategies For Strength and Longevity

Is the City of Rochester Tax Foreclosure Auction Worth Your Time?

Indianapolis Real Estate Market Trends That Investors Need to Know for 2018

Investing in Real Estate Rentals: How to Start Building Passive Income

Real Estate Investors in Massachusetts: How to Connect With a Strong Network

Flipping Houses in Columbus Ohio: Potential Risks and Rewards

How to Buy and Sell Houses as a Business

How to Buy a Short Sale in NJ: Are There More Problems Than Profits?

Flipping Houses in Indiana: Is Now the Time?

How to Find Off-market Properties: Strategies You May Not Have Considered

Comparing Hard Money Lenders in Philadelphia: How to Find the Best Financing Terms

Are Cook County Real Estate Auction Deals Worth Your Time?

Flipping Houses for Beginners: 5 Tips for Achieving Solid ROI

Distressed Properties for Sale in NJ: Where to Find the Best Deals Online

How To Find Motivated Sellers Now And Land More Deals

Ann Arbor Real Estate Investors Club: Pros and Cons of Joining

Real Estate Foreclosure Auctions in NYC: What Are Risks and Rewards of Buying From Them?

Buying Foreclosed Homes and Flipping Them: What Nobody Else Will Tell You

Chicago Real Estate Deals: How to Find a Diamond in the Rough

Finding Investment Properties in Maine: Where Are the Best Deals?

Buying Your First-time Investment Property: Advice for Avoiding Common Mistakes

Real Estate Investing in Indianapolis: Why It’s the Perfect Time

How to Flip Houses in NY for the Best ROI

Lead Generation for Real Estate Investors: The Top 7 Methods For Reaching Distressed Homeowners

Fixer-upper Homes for Sale in Chicago: How to Plan Rehab Costs Smartly

Should You Start Flipping Houses in NY in 2018?

How to Become a Successful Real Estate Investor: A Step-by-Step Guide

Real Estate Investment Clubs in Indianapolis: How to Connect With the Best Mentors

Being a Landlord in NJ: The Pros and Cons of Holding Rentals

How to Buy And Sell Homes for Profit: The Hard Truths You Won’t See on TV

Flipping Houses in Michigan: Is Now the Time?

How to Consistently Find Good Real Estate Deals in an Unpredictable Market

How to Buy Foreclosed Homes in NJ: What You Need to Know to Navigate the Process

Looking for Distressed Properties in Chicago? Here’s Your Best Options

Online Real Estate Investment Courses: Are They Worth It?

Looking for Syracuse Land Bank Properties for Sale? Here’s What You Need to Know

Real Estate Auction Companies in Chicago, Illinois: Which Option is Best?

Real Estate Investing in Pennsylvania: Where to Find Opportunities Off the Beaten Path

Flipping Houses as a Career: 5 Expert Tips for Getting Started

Flipping Houses in Illinois: How to Find the Best Deal Around

Top 10 Tips for Investing in Rental Property for Beginners

Flipping Houses in NYC: How to Improve Neighborhoods—And Your Returns

Hard Money Loans for Real Estate Investors: The Advantages and Disadvantages

How to Analyze Real Estate Deals for the Best ROI

Looking at Real Estate Auctions in NY?: Finding the Best Bets for Investment Houses

How to Get a Hard Money Loan When You’re New to Real Estate Investing

Flipping Houses in Pennsylvania: The Pros, Cons, and Cautionary Tales

Buying Income Property in Chicago: Pros, Cons, and Cautionary Tales

How to Get Motivated Home Seller Leads: A New Option for Beginner and Expert Investors

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