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Whether you’re thinking of becoming a professional real estate investor or have been bumped around a time or two, there’s one thing everyone in this industry needs credible real estate investment training and education that shows you how to get the results you’re looking for, taught by a proven authority.

HomeVestors™ offers comprehensive real estate investment training and education that teaches the nuts and bolts of buying, rehabbing, and selling distressed properties. Unlike the so-called real estate investing gurus who feed you a tidbit of their wisdom and then leave you hanging to figure out the rest, HomeVestors™ real estate investment training and education covers all the essentials, including:

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Getting leads

Understand HomeVestors™ tried-and-true lead generation method with the nationally-known We Buy Ugly Houses® campaign.

Valuing a property's ROI

Leverage our proprietary valuation software, ValueChek®, to understand localized repair costs and the after repair value of your investment before you buy into a deal.

Buying houses

Develop confidence to manage the buying process, from handling phone calls to making offers.

Financing your opportunity

Benefit from access to an exclusive online lending portal and get financing for qualifying purchases and repairs available only to HomeVestors™ franchisees.

Planning the best exit strategy

Know your options, we have a nationwide network to help you do everything from wholesaling to listing on the MLS.

“You have a lot of big brothers at HomeVestors™ that you can lean on, learn from, and get educated by. That why, after talking with them, my wife and I knew that owning a franchise was right for us.”

Eddie Gant, Houston Franchise Owner

We have the experience to know what works. The value of HomeVestors™ training has been demonstrated by the over 100,000 houses that have been bought by over 1100 independently owned and operated franchisees nationwide since 1996 even though most new franchisees have no prior experience in real estate investing.

Why do we provide top-notch training? Because when our franchisees succeed, we succeed. We have a vested interest in your success, and we will give you some of the best training to help make that happen.

We’ve already given hundreds of franchisees the real estate investment training and education they’ve needed to achieve their goals and we can do the same for you.

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Each franchise office is independently owned and operated.

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