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Who Are We?

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The HomeVestors idea began in Dallas, Texas in 1989, with a real estate broker named Ken D’Angelo. Ken bought so many homes, he decided to transform his brokerage into a home-buying business. By 1996, Ken was ready to take his business even further. He named this new venture HomeVestors and sold his first five franchises in the Dallas area. He figured out how the franchises could advertise together, share vendors, and route calls to each other through their phone system, and he eventually expanded to Kansas City. When he had 20 offices up and running, he moved into Atlanta. HomeVestors of America® is now comprised of more than 1,000 franchises spanning 46 states and D.C., and is growing every day.


The HomeVestors business model is built on a foundation of responsible business practices and high ethical standards, which our franchisees embody. Rather than competing, our franchisees act as mentors to one another, sharing vendors and advice. All of our independently owned and operated franchisees are supported centrally with mass advertising from our nationally-recognized “We Buy Ugly Houses®” brand, proprietary home evaluation and lead management software, deep knowledge of the industry, and financial resources.

What Do We Do?

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HomeVestors franchisees find people in ugly real estate situations and help them lay down their burdensome property by paying cash and closing quickly on houses.

We then rehab the homes either for sale to other investors or homebuyers, or to hold onto themselves as rental properties.

In doing so, we help the owners get out of their “ugly” housing situation, enabling them to move on with their lives.

At the same time, we provide opportunities for new renters and first-time homebuyers in the area, while dramatically improving the neighborhoods we invest in.

And it’s worked. We’ve bought over 100,000 houses, and we’ve been the leading cash buyer of houses in the United States since 1996—back when we were just five Texas offices sharing a phone line.

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We’ve helped hundreds of corporate professionals, experienced home investors, and investors new to the game start and run successful real estate businesses as HomeVestors franchisees. This is what we offer.


With over 1,000 franchise locations, our network of knowledgeable professionals is second to none. Each new franchisee is directly paired with a mentor, an experienced franchisee in the same area who is already succeeding in the industry. Nobody has a better idea how to get the job done on a daily basis than these mentors, who have been doing exactly that for years.


We train franchisees on the nuts and bolts of real estate transactions, our proprietary value assessment software, and our content management system. But the bulk of our training focuses on understanding the situations of the people we buy from, approaching them with empathy, and working to help them as best we’re able.


Franchisees can use our proven marketing materials taking advantage of our “We Buy Ugly Houses®” brand, a household name from Boston to San Diego.


Our advertising campaigns consistently generate direct leads, which we pass on to our franchisees. These leads are not necessarily listed anywhere else.


Franchisees who have been approved to join HomeVestors are qualified to access HomeVestors’ financing resources to help them make a good deal on a house.

To learn more about our franchise program for investors, check out our franchise consideration page.


We’ve been in the business for decades, and over that time our unique and responsible franchise business model has earned us much attention and many awards. These are a few of our favorites.

Entrepreneur awarded HVA as one of the Fastest Growing Franchise for 2020.

Four consecutive years on the fastest growing private companies “Dallas 100” list put out by SMU Cox School of Business

Six consecutive years on the “Franchise 500” list put out by Entrepreneur Magazine

Eight consecutive “Top 50 Franchise Satisfaction Award” by Franchise Business Review

Hottest 125 Franchises as published in Opportunity World

Best Real Estate Franchises in 2013 as published in franchisehelp.com

Four consecutive years on the “Fastest Growing Franchises” list put out by Entrepreneur Magazine

HomeVestors Lands on Prestigious Dallas 100 for the Eighth Time

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