gifting-a-home-conceptPicture your perfect home.

Maybe it’s a charming cottage with a white picket fence. Or a stately mansion that has tennis courts and an infinity pool. No matter what your perfect home looks like, it’s a safe bet to assume that your ideal home is clean and in great condition.

Meaning no broken appliances, no worn down carpets, and no expensive repairs that need to get done.

That’s the expectation most home buyers have. They want their new property to be move-in ready right after closing. What happens to homes in poor condition? They languish on the open market for months before the owners give up, leaving behind whatever plans they had to move out. In dire circumstances, some home owners decide to abandon their properties since they feel they have no other options.

That’s Where You Come In

Imagine the perfect neighborhood. Not a single shabby house in sight, right?

As a HomeVestors® franchisee, you’ll have the opportunity to work with homeowners in your community who are struggling to find buyers for their property. You’ll offer a convenient solution to sellers with homes in poor condition that saves them from being forced to stay in a home they no longer want or having to abandon a home they think will never sell.
And by buying and renovating the homes you purchase, you’ll play a vital role in improving the quality of local neighborhoods and communities.

It truly is a win-win. The sellers get a no-hassle, quick closing. The buyers get a move-in ready home with recent updates. AND you’re able to make a profit off the sale (or develop a monthly cash flow by offering the property as a rental).

A First-Time Buyer’s Best Friend

There’s a reason that buyers (and especially first-time home buyers) want homes that are move-in ready…

They simply don’t have the cash on hand to make necessary repairs and many buyers don’t like the idea of taking out a loan and paying interest on damages they aren’t responsible for. Even if they can afford to make the repairs, many buyers lack the time and desire to deal with extensive renovations and remodels. They want to enjoy their homes, not have to deal with contractors and construction debris after a long day of work.

HomeVestors® franchisees play a significant part in making homes accessible for first-time buyers and young families. Rehabbing houses means you remove one of the biggest hurdles that home buyers face by supplying a steady inventory of move-in ready homes.

Many developers buy up land and destroy houses. At HomeVestors®, our franchisees help restore homes and revitalize communities.

The HomeVestors® Advantage

The HomeVestors® and We Buy Ugly Houses® trademarked slogan has become a household name in the distressed homeowner and cash-for-homes industries. While other investors are met with a high degree of skepticism, our franchisees benefit from the mass visibility created by our nation-wide billboard campaigns.

We are America’s #1 home buyer and our reputation is one that sellers trust.

For franchisees, HomeVestors® offers a low cost franchise opportunity for individuals who are interested in building an independent real estate business. Our unique model includes proprietary software that our franchisees use to assess homes for purchase and renovation plus ongoing support from HomeVestors® and our development agent mentors.

Next Steps Towards Owning a HomeVestors® Franchise

If you would like to learn more about franchise opportunities, you can contact us today by completing the form at the top of this page. You can also call us at (800) 704-6992 or go to this page for more information.

brownie-lot-testimonials“We are constantly amazed at the level of commitment that you show us on a daily basis. HomeVestors is such a rare company with an amazing corporate team. In the seven years we have owned our franchise, we’ve never had a problem with HVA that the staff did not help us solve.”
Brownie Lott, San Antonio, TX