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HomeVestors® has created a powerful real estate system that offers a competitive advantage for each franchise. We provide franchisees with all the products and service needed to be successful real estate investors.

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“We just finished the best month we have ever had. We bought 19 homes, a record for WFI. If you ask Rickey Jr the day is not over! He does have 3 appointments today. The retail market has softened up a little bit but we are continuing to sell homes. Our Rentals are doing WONDERFUL! We are attempting to put as many Rentals on the books as we can. We see this as a long term strategy to truly building wealth and future cash.”
Rickey Williams, Sr, Houston, TX
chas_carrier-testimonials“The experience has really been “as advertised.” From my initial introduction to HomeVestors through Discovery Day, through the signing of my agreement and Success Systems Training, I really haven’t received any surprises.”
Chas Carrier, Dallas, TX
brownie-lot-testimonials“We are constantly amazed at the level of commitment that you show us on a daily basis. HomeVestors is such a rare company with an amazing corporate team. In the seven years we have owned our franchise, we’ve never had a problem with HVA that the staff did not help us solve.”
Brownie Lott, San Antonio, TX
“”HomeVestors has provided us with the tools necessary to turn a hobby and a passion into a full fledged business! We have been provided with a turn-key system that enables us not only to locate properties, but also to buy them through HVA financing.”
Ed Enright, Chicago, Ill